146.00 EUR · OneDrive To Rule Them All

Fecha de publicación: April 16, 2018 4:39 pm

Localización: 68 Fox Lane, Bloxholm, Ln4 8pl, Bloxholm, Madrid, España

Today, we'll be looking at how to locate OneDrive and OneDrive for Business (remember, at NTU OneDrive for Business is called Contact OneDrive-Nottingham Trent University). You can automatically back up your photos, save space on your hard drive, recover old versions of a file and more. For example, if you want to access your commonly used documents quickly, you can simply pin the folder in your Android home screen. Select Save to OneDrive.

In order to work without internet access, you first need to download the OneDrive for Business sync app You'll then need to sign into Office 365 where you can navigate to OneDrive, find the library you wish to access offline, then press sync. All you need to do is install the OneDrive client for Android or iOS and turn on automatic photo uploading when prompted or from within the app's Settings menu (look for the Camera backup option).

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