145.00 EUR · Overview to Change a Miter Saw Blade

Fecha de publicación: May 16, 2018 7:16 pm

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The adjustment of the miter saw blade very first need some general safety preventative measures. The saw should be switched off as well as unplugged. Prior to working with any power tool, make certain that it is impossible for the device to transform on. As it is always hazardous how to use a sliding mitre saw deal with a blade, just remain concentrated on the task that should be completed.

how to use a sliding miter sawThe blade guard has actually to be bypassed, so slightly move up the guard to gain access to the screw holding the miter saw to the guard. Release the screw to slide further backwards the blade guard. Setting it around 170 degrees at the back as compared to its preliminary position, exposing hence the blade bolt and also securing pin of the saw.

Press down the locking pin of the saw as well as turn the blade till it is secured. The blade screw is turning around threaded, but that is not constantly the instance.

Place in the brand-new blade just as you have eliminated the old blade.

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